Saulo Metria

Brazilian artist Saulo Metria (b. 1987) started his journey with painting in mid-2008 when he started to use walls as a means to express his aesthetic universe of signs and symbols.

His imagery language has as its central axis (axis mundi) the abstract plane of mandalas and geometries, which symbolize for the artist, the primary creation code of nature, combined with elements of Brazilian fauna and flora, thus generating a visual hypnosis of contemplation.

This clash between realism and abstract, curves and straight lines, shapes his signature: an eternal quest to balance Chaos and Order in the same measure.

Metria developed multiple techniques for creating mandalas from molds (stencil), a fact that enabled the artist to manage several workshops in Brazil and Argentina, disseminating the knowledge of Sacred Geometry and its applications in the context of painting and muralism.

Currently the artist seeks to explore the universe of digital works on NFT (non fungible tolkes) platforms by expanding his creative language

In this environment of colors, patterns and textures, the artist reframes his creations, revealing the noble craft of geometrizing life under the bias of contemporary urban art.

"The laws of nature are just

the mathematical thoughts of God. ”




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